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Date your Crush NOW

how to date your crush now, even if you’re invisible to them, or have been their friend for a while

kink 101

this episode is because I was called out

What the Cuck

Trooth shows up to talk about on of his kinks and how he discovered it

Simpin Ain’t Easy

Another conversation with Boogie, we started by sharing our simpin stories of our past, how did we get all the way to parternity rights?

Boogie Nights

Boogie, one half of Blokk Talk podcast, joins me and shares some dating advice

Mans man Being an Individual

This is my take on Being an Individual, in the article “How to be a Man’s Man in a Culture That Hates Masculinity” by askmen.com

Man’s Man Listening

This is my take on Listening, in the article “How to be a Man’s Man in a Culture That Hates Masculinity” by askmen.com

Man’s Man Leadership

This episode is my take on the topic Leadership in the article ‘How to be a Man’s Man in a Culture That Hates Masculinity’ by askmen.com

What is Love?

This episode I delve into the word love, it’s various meanings and my takeaway


My take on skills as to how it applies to being a better male in today’s climate


I take on a section of the article ‘Man’s Man in a Culture That Hates Masculinity’ on Askmen.com


My take on an article by askmen.com this week it’s ‘bravery’

TikTok Famous

Just another random conversation between dumb looking guys


A talk about valloween and my position on Valentine’s Day in general

Confidence Building

Today’s guest is David Khalili, a Marriage and Family Therapist with a focus on working with men, couples therapy, and multi-ethnic individuals.


This episode was inspired by an article on askmen.com


Today we talk about rejection, how to move past it, and hopefully still end up getting a date.


Today I have a chat with the lovely and multi-talented Coralyn Jewel

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Addiction Recovery

Joshua Shea is a pornography addiction expert, certified betrayal trauma coach and the author of three books on the subject, including He’s a Porn Addict…Now...

Black Friday

Once upon a time I liked to shop on black friday, today I talk about why that is no longer the case

The Time I Shoulda Got a DWI

A story about the time I shoulda gone to jail as I tell it to my friend and former cop Jared, from Feathers & Friends podcast.

Fancy Baby

Today I have a chat with a new friend from a group of new friends, about life and dating in LA. 

Conspiracy Theories

What happens when two intelligent guys talk about movies? Conspiracy Theories abound


Today  i have a discussion about supernatural events in my life

Debunking Myths

YES, I have another chat with J Robert Parker about hypnosis, but this time we chat about the movie Hypnotic on Netflx. 

Uh Say Whut

Once again we get a glimpse of the longer conversation with Joshua Shea, 

What I’m Thankful For

Today I talk about yesterday, actually I talk about what I’m thankful for in my life on Thanksgiving

Body Count

today I talk about my body count and figure out what it might be.

NaPodMo David

This NaPodMo episode Is a conversation with another podcaster from California, David from Cali DTO

NaPodPoMo BDsM

Answering some BDsM and kink questions, hopefully it’ll be as clear as mud

NaPodMo Homeless

Today I talk about the time I was homeless, what led up to it. My thoughts beforehand and my attitude about homelessness now. 

Talking White

Todays conversation is short, but something that has been an annoying fact of life for myself and others.

For Lu

this episode is dedicated to my friend Leuvis Manuel Olivero

NaPodMo What Cheating

This is sort of a compilation episode where I have the responses of a few of my guests answer what they think cheating is

NaPodMo Challenge Day 1

This episode I let y’all know what I’m up to this month, and what my podcasting journey has been like

Sugar Lips

Sugar Lips, a one time plaything, and I talk about her situationships

Hypnotherapy again!?

I talk about myself. again, specifically some issues I’ve been dealing and struggling with

Hypno wHaT!?

I speak with J. Robert Parker is a Union certified Master Hypnotist and owner of Twin Ravens Hypnotherapy and Research LLC

Once Again with Cookie

Once again I have a conversation with Cookie, she’s the interviewee in the episode sex work

New Monthly Co-Host

This sadly fell through. My co-host has her own podcast and caught flak for being associated with a sex addict.

catching up

Today I talk with my friend Marina and she spills some tea on me and other things

Toxic Relationships

My friend Bonita and I discuss and how to navigate our friends OUT of toxic relationships


here are the mental health apps and links mentioned in this podcast

Not All Men

As promised, this is the link to the post we were referring to in this episode

Guest Starring Gallo

This is a teaser where I am a guest on IG @Thisblackgirlpodcast, and we talk about relationships and communication

Successful Relationships

Today I talk with Bella and Nova from ‘Let’s Talk About It Podcast’ you can find them on Anchor and on Instagram

Toxic Femininity

There’s an issue I’ve seen with increasing frequency I’m just going to highlight what it is I am seeing

Sex Work

Today I talk with my new friend former sex worker, and highly ranked student in College.

Unicorn Lost

What red blooded Chicano would willingly give up a Unicorn that can pick up females with ease?


The importance of not being dismissive when talking about consent and sex

New Friend

Today I talk with my new friend who happens to be friends with my sister, about kink, consent and confidence

Impotent Anger

I was trying to figure out how to talk about my father for Father’s Day, but I realized that it is simply impossible to try and quantify him in an hour or less

Fight Club

Today I’m gonna talk about fights, and why I can’t play fight with friends, and a little tidbit about an ability I have


Today I chat with yet another derby fran, Valerie Mercury. And today’s topic was a mix-up/misread, but I’m glad I reached out to her none the less

Derby Cakes

Chat with my friend Cakes, about Roller Derby, where it’s at, where it’s going and can we course correct


since I haven’t figured out how to bottle up my confidence, I’m gonna talk about how to approach females, or rather go back to basics

Love and Death

Love and death, finding true love before you die and the joy of having a cheerleader

I Bleed Green

This is about my time in the military, specifically basic training. and a few other ramblings regarding life and racism

Reddit Friend

I talk with my friend in Japan (Nippon) for the first time over Video!

Herbal Medicine

my experience with legal and illegal drugs and my preference for eastern and or herbal medicine


Today I chat with a friend from high school and we discuss dating and how to navigate that in todays world

Who TF am I?

A long winded post to tell you why you should take my advice

Three Days in LA

I managed to get together with a friend that has worked on popular shows

mom’s advice

Mom’s Advice, or the best advice I got from my mom that’s helped me for a few decades.

Breaking up is hard to do

how to break up with your ex that will bring closure to the relationship, instead of having to deal with a zombie every few months

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