Que paso cochinos and sucias I’m that vato Gallo the chivalrous chauvinist. Welcome to another episode of Sucias are my favorite today’s episode is going to be a we bit controversial from the title. It’s not gonna make sense. You’re probably like, what the fuck is this dude talking about? But before I get into it, I just want to thank you for being here.

You could be doing anything else right now, having fun, watching TV, spending time with your. I just wanna take a few seconds to say thank you for being here and listening to the guy that can solve all the world’s problems. Once I get voted in a Supreme potentate of earth, but until that happens, kick back, relax, enjoy the ride.

And one more thing I wanna mention is I love you. All of you, no matter what you got going on in your life, you are worthy of love. It may not be in the way you want it, but I love you regardless of what you and I identify as label ourselves or whatever, we’re still human. And I love you for that. And I’m happy that you’re alive.

So keep that shit up. So now let’s dive in. This episode is about being selfish to be selfless. I, now I know you’re probably thinking, what the fuck is this retard talking about? That’s it I’m done. I’m not gonna listen to anymore, but just hang in there. Trust me for at least another 20 minutes. Okay. How about that?

The Meat

So what does selfish have anything to do with being selfless? I personally am all about living a stressful life and be as chill as possible, 24 7. Those that know me in person know that I essentially do not give a fuck about anything that does not directly and certainly affect me. I never worry about anything.

If I get robbed, I can make that money back. It’s only a couple hundred bucks or I can just cancel the credit cards. There’s nothing really to worry about in life at all. Ever a new job promotion, an interview loss of a job, whatever worrying about your problems will NEVER solve your problems. Only action, or in rare cases inaction can solve them, but worrying will never fix a thing.

Worrying about a problem makes you suffer twice. You worry about the problem, and then you have to deal with the problem. So why have to suffer through an issue two times? Just get through it. Matthew six chapter 27, JC essentially says, can any of you add a single hour to your life by worrying, depending on the version, whether it’s God’s word NIV, king James, and a dozen others, they will say the same thing along the lines of, can you add a single Qubit slash height or at an hour to your life?

In any case, personally, I live as stress free as possible. I don’t worry about anything. I deal with things as they. Nor do I care about their rat race, much less with keeping up with the Joneses. I’ll even let you in a little secret. They’re not that cool and likely don’t have their shit as put together as they seem.

No one else is gonna impress me with their things in terms of making friends and socializing with people. I don’t care what their background is, whether or not they have a degree. Or if they even graduated high school, I’m more impressed with the person, their actions, their attitude. I don’t have to have a job to make money.

Now. I wouldn’t complain if I suddenly had another half a million in my bank, but I’ve lost a half a million, two different times. It’s not a big deal to me and that’s not counting the 87 point zeros three, two, whatever Bitcoin I lost. When I put a password, I cannot remember on a hardware wallet that I now can’t find.

So sure it’s frustrating to lose that amount of money. One was in a divorce. The other was getting screwed outta my inheritance. So what life happens, move on. I could make that money again if I really wanted to, but if I made that my goal in life and chase after that money again, then I would be so hyper focused about that one goal and lose track of enjoying my life as it is now.

Also I do my best not to get upset, especially at others, because that’s just an expression of my internal frustra. A reaction to something that’s happening externally by living my life this way, I don’t have any bad days. I know. I know Gallo. How the fuck do you not have any bad days? I call bullshit.

Clearly you are not living your best life. Whenever something “bad” happens. I consider it a bad moment. And my reaction to that can define my day. If I allow it, let’s say I’m already late. I woke up late. I had this news too many times had too much milk in my midnight cereal. Dog escaped, whatever. There is no sense to rush and leave something behind that I need for my appointment slash meeting day work.

So instead I realized that it was one bad moment and not let that frustration bother me and affect what I need to do for the rest of the day or let it put me in a bad mood. So I keep myself in check. Maintain my frame in the sense that just because something is shoving me or moving me out of the way or trying to affect me, I am going to do what I want or what I need to do at my pace and never let anyone control my piece.

So when I have those issues, I internalize it. I hold it, but I try not to bottle it up. So I let it out in some other creative fashion, but I do my best not to let out my anger at others because it is not someone else’s fault that something happened to me. So that’s part of my selfish. Into keeping my life in check and keeping my life happy because I could go the opposite route of being selfish and upset.

Oh, well I’m late because X, Y, and Z, and it’s your fault and someone else’s fault and pushing the blame and externalizing everything else to someone else or something outside, or I should take ownership of it in terms of responsibility and how I govern my life, or rather how I deal with life and how I assess a problem.

My Life Hack for Nearly Everything

Can I fix it? If I can’t fix it, I’ll follow up with that same question with an addendum or a subquestion or with the second part. Can I learn how to fix it? Can it still be on me to learn how to do this? Pick up a new skill and fix this problem right now or as needed? If the answer is no, then I’ll go onto the next question.

Can someone else fix it? Can I pay someone else to fix this? Can a coworker help me? Can a friend help me? Can I hire someone it’s all along the lines of the same vein? Can someone else take care of. Does someone else have this skillset that can fix this problem? And hopefully I can look over their shoulder and learn how to fix that problem.

If the answer is no, then I’ll go onto my last question. Will I die? If this does not get fixed, guess what? I’m still alive. I haven’t had a problem that I’ve dealt with. That would be an immediate loss of life or limb to myself or anyone else. I should expand that too. Will anyone else die? If this doesn’t get solved for the most.

I could probably lose my job. If this problem doesn’t get fixed, I could probably lose things, but still I’m gonna be alive. And it’s just a learning experience, ideally, or hopefully I’ll remember the lesson and share it with someone else. That’s smart enough to realize that they can learn from other people’s mistakes or experiences, because there’s a saying in Spanish “nadie aprende por cabeza ajena”, which means literally no one learns through someone else’s head, but essentially it’s.

No one learns through someone else’s experiences. Oftentimes one’s parents give advice and one thinks, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. I know what I’m doing. I’m smarter than you. You’re old school. You don’t know what you’re talking about. So with my rules, as in how I live my life, I firmly believe that no one on earth is more important to me than me now, to be clear, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be an asshole to everyone I know, or in everything that I do.

Sometimes I put other people ahead of myself first in everything that I do. I make my life and the people around me in my life as easy as possible. But Cayo you just said, no, one’s more important to you than you. Yes. That is still true. But answer me this, of all your friends, family, which of the two do you think would make your friends and family’s life easier being an asshole or being decent.

Now this doesn’t mean being everyone’s doormat. You have things you need to do, and you need to be able to say no to things. People ask like a friend asking you to help them. Hey, man, can you help me move this weekend? I’ll buy you pizza and beer.


but I’m gonna buy food

No, I got things to do.

Come on, man.

I’d help you.

My answer is still, no,

You don’t have to rearrange your life for someone else. Now, if you happen to be free and you need a workout or you want some free pizza and beer, then sure. Buy all means, go and help them. The point is you can assert yourself without being a jerk and you can still be true to your identity.

With the family that you trust. Cause ideally hang on. Wait. So by family, I don’t mean your relatives by blood or by birth. There’s a saying that blood is thick than water. However, it’s a misquote of the original verse that states the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb that covenant you have when fighting alongside each other.

That is something that most civilians I don’t think would be able to underst. I’m not saying you can’t, but this covenant, this bond is a brotherhood that you have with another soldier, another Marine, whomever you cycled with after they go through the trials of war, that bond is unbreakable. That bond is similar to police patrol or detective partners.

They have a tighter bond with their own partners and they do with their own respective spouses. For the most part, the same blood is sick than water is kind of like saying the family. You choose those friends. The ones that you’ve had for years on end, the ones you can call on it two in the morning and tell ‘em, Hey, I need you to come over to truck and they’ll show up.

No questions asked that kind of bond. That kind of brotherhood you can’t buy is something that you build over the years. And that’s the kind of thing that military brothers and police partners often have. Hopefully you can find that on your own, you probably already do in your own circle of friends. So that’s what I mean to my family.

Speaking of miso. The one that goes money is a root of all. Evil is a misquote of Timothy chapter six, verse 10, which states the love of money is a root of all evil, which is talking about greed. That if you love money so much and you’ll do anything to get it, fuck your wife. Fuck your family. Fuck your friends.

Fuck your couch. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna be preachy. Not with any frequency, any who back to being assertive without being an asshole. That was the whole point of this, about being selfish for. But not being in household about it. And there’s a fine line to doing that because a lot of people will see any type of resistance or firm stance for yourself and not helping them as being an asshole.

And I think that’s more of a problem of this whole council culture and the division we have with social media, especially with the whole people on the left and people on the right. A lot of them feel or believe that if you don’t agree with them on everything that they say, then not only are you completely wrong, but you need to be.

Because you’re stupid and don’t deserve to be here and breathing my air. Instead of trying to see if there’s common ground that each side has, it just seems that each side wants to stay on their end of the spectrum versus trying to meet in the middle and actually solve problems. So what’s the point of all this?

The point is that you can be selfish in a way that makes your life easier. You can still be kind to others and not be a dormant. I hope this made sense to you. Thanks for being here. I love you till next time. Besos.

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