Welcome to Sucias are my Favorite

A recovering sex addicts’ podcast about dating, relationships, life and sex advice with a kink twist.

Sucias are my Favorite is a place for kinksters and vanillas to open up about their dating endeavors, relationship woes and life being too peopley. Get a kink perspective on all of the above with a focus on honest and open communication

Join Gallo through this journey, you may be aghast or get a good laugh.

Your Host

Gallo is a Texan of Mexican heritage. His life story is diverse and interesting in that he's lived through quite a few tragedies and near catastrophes, made his way out of homelessness, served in the US Army, developed interests in knitting & building custom mechanical keyboards to name a few.

He left his corporate job to explore his creative pursuits. Gallo is knowledgeable about alternative lifestyles, particularly in the kink community. Don't let that scare you off. He gives great advice to people in all types of relationships.

Gallo has a podcast named Sucias are my Favorite in which he dispenses advice, interviews guests and details his life story. Although it’s through the lens of a jaded widower, his podcast holds universal appeal.

His stories are at times tragic, but others will leave you in stitches. He has definitely gotten himself out of some dangerous and precarious situations!

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