Living my Honest Life Photo by Majestic Lukas on Unsplash

Housekeeping and Female Friends

In this episode, Gallo discusses the concept of male-female friendships and shares his personal experiences. He stands by his previous statement that generally, men and women cannot be true friends, with some exceptions and caveats.

As a former “intercourse addict”, Gallo admits to having female friends, but clarifies that this is not an excuse for him to have such relationships. He acknowledges that most of his “female friends” are more accurately described as female acquaintances.

Gallo delves into the definition of a friend, suggesting that a true friend is someone you can visit unannounced and be welcomed. He implies that everyone else falls into the category of an acquaintance.

The episode also touches on Gallo’s need to do some housekeeping, likely referring to tasks or responsibilities he needs to attend to.