Podcast Show Notes: My Dead Brother

In this episode of the SUCIAS podcast, Gallo talks about his half-brother who passed away a year ago. He acknowledges that he hadn’t thought about it much, which he admits is probably a bad thing to say, but considering the life they shared growing up, it’s understandable why they weren’t that close.

Gallo explains that his half-brother was 20 years older than him, so by the time their parents divorced, he was in his mid-20s. As a child, Gallo saw him a few dozen times before he turned 10, usually when he went to visit or spend the weekend with his father. However, the visits were brief, with his half-brother joining them for dinner and then leaving.

Gallo doesn’t remember any meaningful conversations between his half-brother and father, only a sense of animosity. As a young child, he didn’t fully comprehend the situation, but he noticed the tension.

Key Takeaways

  • Gallo reflects on his relationship with his half-brother, who passed away a year ago
  • They weren’t very close due to their age difference and limited interactions growing up
  • Gallo acknowledges he hadn’t thought about his half-brother’s passing much until now
  • He remembers sensing tension between his half-brother and father during their brief visits