In this episode, host Gallo discusses a Reddit post where a woman was confused why her boyfriend said he doesn’t start missing her until about a week after they’re apart, even though she misses him within hours.

Gallo’s take is that men and women experience emotions differently. He argues that most men struggle to identify nuanced emotions beyond basic ones like happy, angry, and sad. So the boyfriend may find the girlfriend “annoying” at times when they’re together, and is initially relieved to get space from her.

However, after about a week apart, the boyfriend starts to miss the “nice things” she does for him. Gallo contends men can’t directly express this, so the boyfriend phrases it as not missing her for a week, when really he’s glad for the initial break before her positive qualities are missed.

The episode explores how men may struggle to articulate complex feelings toward their partners, exemplified by the boyfriend’s phrasing that confused the Reddit poster. Gallo advises understanding this tendency instead of assuming lack of love.