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I’m Gallo, the chivalrous chauvinist. Welcome to another episode of sucias are my favorite today’s episode. I’m gonna talk about the advice I’d gotten for my father growing up, or rather as a teen growing up, I was raised by a mother, so she was more the foundation. My father was more of the knocking away, the superfluous parts.

Or at least the larger chunks. Now, if you’ve been a fan of the episode and listened a while, you’ve probably heard one of the most common pieces of advice that I give, which is women already have a pussy. They don’t want another one. Now on the surface, I get, it sounds sexist, misogynist. However, that’s not really the intent.

Recently. I was on another podcast with boogie and his buddy honcho on block talk. And essentially they’re like younger versions of me, which is a little amusing and a little scary. One of the things that we discussed that we wouldn’t say in mixed company is how to manage your girlfriend or your woman or whatever the situation is with you and another female or a man.

And another woman in that boogie would say to another friend, “Yo check your bitch”. I, on the other hand would say something along the lines of. “Make sure she respects your boundaries or have consequences for your boundaries”, the exact same idea, the exact same concept, just different ways of saying it.

In other words, I’m a little more palatable. So back to the point of not being a pussy, not so much of being or displaying toxic masculinity, but rather harnessing your masculinity in a way that she would feel comfortable and want you to be around as a leader. In my experience, a lot of times, women who claim to be feminists.

And say they want all of these beta, cuck, simp, white Knight characteristics in the man that they’re dating. I believe they’re telling the truth that they want those characteristics, but the way society hears it and the way we see it in mainstream media, it seems like those are the most prevalent qualities and traits that they wanna see, which in my experience is not the case.

They want those more as of backup. Would rather have a hyper-masculine man, that’s going to lead them set boundaries and give them consequences for those boundaries. If they pass them to make sure that they know they can trust the man that they’re with to be able to take care of them and lead them.

Never Lie…

Another piece of advice that I gotten from my father growing up, or my teens was “Never lie to a priest, a doctor, or a lawyer”. Now it’s a little amusing hearing that in hindsight, knowing who my father was and that he lost faith in the Catholic Church. But the idea or the premise behind this is by not lying to a priest, you are ensuring that he can help save your soul.

Although personally, I know that my intercessory between me and God is JC not having to go to a father or Catholic priest or any other human, but as a conversation for another day, never lie to a lawyer. And this one I’ve known for years, I’ve understood for a long time. And I don’t understand why people don’t get this concept.

Or at least the way it comes off in lawyer novels, John Grham. And I think it’s Connolly that did the Lincoln lawyer and more often than not lawyer has everything he needs to rock and roll and save his guy, but the guy lied or hid something or didn’t tell the full truth about something that happened.

And now what could have been an easily dismissed case now becomes a bigger case because it proves. That the defendant is a liar and has something to hide and therefore he’s criminal. And to extrapolate on that, having a lawyer that is fully aware of the truth, well, he can save your asshole by that. I mean, he can keep you outta prison or at least minimize the time you have to spend in prison.

If he knows a full truth and you don’t have co-conspirators that are snitching on you to reduced their time and increase your. Lastly, don’t lie to a doctor. Why? Because they can save your life. The first thing that comes to mind in this is, some Jack Nicholson movie where he was with the younger woman.

He had a heart attack, the doctors were asking him, “Hey, have you had any Viagra?” And he did not wanna answer that in front of the girl that he was with. She was a younger woman and the doctor had to tell him “if I give you this and you took Viagra, you’re gonna die of a heart attack.” That’s the reasoning behind not lying to a doctor, because if you lie to them about something, they can give you some type of medication or pills or treatment that can counteract or work negatively with other medication.

Don’t Talk to Cops

One more piece of advice for my father. He was a cop and he said, never talk to cops, always have a lawyer present. The only thing you should say to a cop is “your name, where you live. I have nothing else to say. Any statement made will be made under duress” and shut the fuck. Don’t answer anything that’s yes or no, don’t respond.

Don’t do a damn thing. But wait until your lawyer tells you what to say. If I can find a video that I’m thinking of on YouTube, where a professor or a lawyer tells a classroom, Hey, don’t talk to cops and proves that you’ve misheard something that he said or assumed something, therefore, making you a bad eyewitness, I’ll added to the show notes.

Hold something back

This next piece of advice that I got. From my father, I was recently reminded of talking to one of my cousins and my father had said “pretty on the outside does not equal pretty on the inside” That one should be self-explanatory lastly, “Never give a woman all your time, your money or your Dick” And by that, I don’t mean don’t long stroke.

It when my father meant, and one of the ones that he explained to me. A woman can always ask, “Hey, that’s it? Is that all you got” and especially in today’s society where it’s so easy to find the next one, next piece of excitement through another app and just swiping, right. You wanna maintain that excitement and that mystery within you from your woman so that she always wants or yearns for more from you.

So what do I mean by not giving her all your money? Well, my relationship with my wife and previous relationships is the money I put in, or that we had together half of my paycheck and hers would go into a checking account, a joint checking account from there, all the bills and things we had to do from day to day for the household got taken care of out of that every six months, whatever we had was a surplus.

We’d use to go on a vacation, whether it was out of state out of town or just a fancy dinner. So. By not giving her all your money. You still have your own reserve. So you can supplement those special trips and make them even more extravagant than what she was expecting already. And having her wonder, Hey, where’s all this money coming from ,another reason, not giving her all of your money is if the shit hits the fan.

You have your own savings and cash reserves to be able to bounce, not giving her all your Dick. That doesn’t mean don’t long stroke. What I mean by that is. Don’t show her all your tricks. Don’t put it at all on her on the first night, let her anticipate and wish and hope for more and wonder what else you can do and not giving her all your time.

One, which this one is surprising. Now that I’m thinking about it is having time for yourself is important. Although, of course, the reason wasn’t given, but now I can extrapolate from it with all that’s going on today. Taking care of your mental health, taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally on your own so that you can be a better you with your partner.

On top of that, you need time with the guys have her yearn and long to have more time with you. This is the, I wanna say nicer version of what boogie shared with me is don’t give a woman, all your M.E.A.T. All your money, your energy, attention, and time. Although on the surface, when you say meat, One would presume you’re talking about Dick, let me know.

What do you think? Which one is the nicer version, not giving her all your time, money and Dick or not giving her all your meat, whatever the case is. I hope you reach out to me, whether it’s email, texts or on social media, if you found this advice helpful, or you think someone else could benefit from this, share this with them.

And I’d really appreciate it. If you gave me a review, if you don’t have the time for that, the very least give me a like, whatever it is for the platform you’re listening on or watching. Thanks for sticking around. I love you. You’re worthy of it until next time. Besos

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