Joshua Shea is a pornography addiction expert, certified betrayal trauma coach and the author of three books about pornography addiction, including He’s a Porn Addict…Now What? An Expert and Former Addict Answer Your Questions (2019). Since 2018, Joshua has given more interviews about pornography addiction and betrayal trauma than anybody in the world. To date, he has appeared on nearly 300 podcasts, television and radio shows using his wealth of research and personal story to promote the ideas that porn addiction spans all demographics and those with a problem should seek help before it’s too late. He also speaks extensively about the issue of working through betrayal trauma, especially with the partners of addicts and those who are facing infidelity. Prior to admitting his 24-year addiction to pornography (and alcohol) in 2014, Joshua was a prominent magazine publisher, award-winning journalist, film festival founder and politician in central Maine. In 2017, Joshua launched He has also contributed articles about recovery to and Recovery Today magazine, is a TEDx Talk speaker and has developed and presents a porn addiction education lecture for churches, libraries and other groups. Sober since April 2014, Joshua still lives in Central Maine with his wife and two children. Other books by Shea include: Porn and the Pandemic: How Three Months in 2020 Changed Everything, released July 2020 and The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About: How I Let My Pornography Addiction Hurt People and Destroy Relationships (2018). He was also a contributor for From Hardened to Healed (2021)

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