A Synopsis

Gallo, a former intercourse addict and widower currently resides in Reno, Nevada. His focus is public speaking and his podcast, Sucias are my Favorite. Sharing his story and educating others to have more success in dating, thriving relationships with their significant other and a more fulfilling sex life.

Gallo believes that if we as a society can be more satisfied with ourselves, we can be happier in all our relationships and ultimately better as a community.

For 16 years, Gallo lived the way he thought he was supposed to. Be successful with women, provide for his family and protect those closest to him. Along with the unspoken rule "keep your family happy and you can have your fun on the side." By 19 he fell into the Lifestyle (Swingers) with one of his partners and discovered the BDsM community by chance. Though his friends saw him as a Ladies Man he was unaware that he was in fact an intercourse addict. This realization came in 2011 while attending a "Celebrate Recovery" meeting and heard a testimonial by chance. Shortly thereafter, he began several types of therapy until he found the one that he could stick to and finish.

As a former addict, Gallo knows the issues better than a non-addict. Both as the addict and the havoc it wreaks on those around them. He is not the end-all-be-all in terms of intercourse addiction, but he is one of the few that strive to make the world better for those affected by addiction.

Key Points

  • Intercourse Addict for 16 years
  • Recovery in 2011 Relapse-Free since his wife passed in 2017
  • College of Biblical Studies alumnus
  • Part of the BDsM community and a Dom since 1999
  • Guest on more than 25 podcasts
  • host of Sucias are my Favorite since 2021