This week Coralyn interviews Gallo Chingon. Gallo is a recovering sex-addict and shares his story with our listeners and it is quite the eye-opener. Gallo is of Texas Mexican heritage. His life story is very diverse and interesting in that he’s lived through quite a few tragedies and near tragedies, made his way out of homelessness, served in the US army, and although not involved in the adult industry his story shares a different side.

As a recovering sex addict, having sex with over 1000 women he shares with our listeners when it dawned on him that he actually was addicted to sex and if he was not having sex at least 4 times a day he felt inadequate.

Hankie Pankie Podcast is a Sex-Positive podcast bringing stories from all walks of life and this story is sure to show you how parenting and sex education from such a young age plays a huge impact on our youth as they enter adulthood.